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More often they are not very happy, but always unique. It is known that these girls have long been in great demand as Russian mail order brides in various countries of the world. You can meet them married to men of all continents.

Russian women are beautiful, feminine, and special.

The attitude towards the ladies is, of course, based on their beauty, but they do not cease to amaze and delight European and other men with other qualities. These are girls who devote themselves entirely to their men – fathers, sons, and most of all, to their husbands and lovers. In this sense, they have no equal.

Top reasons to marry women from Russia

Marry Women From Russia

For many foreigners, Russian women are very attractive. Foreign men dream of having Russian women dating with these beauties, some later admit that a fleeting resort romance has become almost the most vivid adventure in their life. Some, taught by bitter experience, on the contrary, are afraid of them, like fire.

Dating sites are full of announcements that a wealthy foreigner looks for Russian mail order brides and even with children. What are the causes?

  • They are strong in spirit – Russian wives have a very stable character. They do not understand how to give up and pursue their goals purposefully. They are autonomic and strong in spirit. However, they dream of having a good husband nearby and feeling supportive. They are trying to focus all their attention on the present as well as the near future. They understand that cannot at least somehow influence the past, but the distant future is too uncertain to be guided by.
  • They cook delicious food – Cooking is an easy task for Russian women. They know how to surprise men with their culinary skills. However, in Europe, women are so passionate about equality that they have forgotten how to cook. So every foreigner dreams of wives who can give him an unforgettable tasty evening with their own hands. You can receive wonderful Russian women dating when she cooked the dinner herself.
  • Wonderful housewives – Sure thing! Ideally, the wife should be moderately reasonable, contribute a certain share to the family budget, and be able to cook and clean the apartment, look after the children. Girls have such qualities and are, therefore, popular for foreign men. You can present her some things she needs for the home and she will be happy.
  • Natural beauty – Russian mail order brides will charm you and your acquaintances with their beauty. Awareness of one’s sexuality and lack of fear in its manifestation are the key points of women’s attractiveness. A unique sense of style, subtle taste, ability to stand out from the bulk of women who follow the fashion trends are at the heart of a woman’s natural beauty. Minimal makeup and light careless hair styling, impeccable style and casual sophistication – this is a true approach to feminine beauty.
  • Your psychoanalyst – They can easily and simply reassure both the husband and the child and any family member. You can be sure that the woman won’t leave you in a difficult moment and will try to resolve all your problems because she is compassionate. If you choose a Russian wife for yourself you will see what kind of psychoanalyst she is.
  • Good mothers – If you find Russian mail order wives you will be surprised how good moms they are. They know how to entertain their babies and treat them very well. They care about health and development, well-being, training of their children. They try to be responsible for the children throughout their lives and then worry about their grandchildren.

What are Russian mail order brides looking for?

Popular russian women for marriage

Russian brides have always been very popular among foreigners. The mentality, extraordinary views, the ability to find a way out of any difficult situation, the combination of the features of an angel and a demon, and, of course, a bewitching appearance – this is an incomplete list of the properties of a woman that distinguishes her among representatives of other countries.

But what husband do they want?

  • Love for a woman – No matter how strong and courageous a woman is, she wants to feel that she is loved. Love is one of the main human needs. Woman wants respect and love from her husband. After all, these are one of the main components of a successful and happy life. It is these two circumstances that will help any woman find psychological well-being, self-confidence, and strength. If this is not the case, then it makes sense to think about taking your life in your own hands and dramatically changing it for the better.
  • Beloved always close to her – Simple female happiness for a Russian girl is a happy family, a loved man, and children. She dreams of living together into the deep years of old age. A reliable and faithful companion for life is one of the key components of happiness for many women. Such a man will always find time for her. It will not be difficult for him to help his wife at home or go shopping in the store. Along with such a person, any woman truly finds confidence and learns what happiness is.
  • Love compliments – Many women need to hear pleasant words on a regular basis to their inimitable person. From time to time she needs to receive different compliments from the husband because every woman should be happy. And for happiness, she needs pleasant surprises and a “sea of compliments”. The main thing is attention, so the woman realizes that she is not indifferent to the man and this makes her truly happy, smiling, sunny and positive.
  • The basic thing in life is children – For many women, family and children are the most momentous things in life. Simple feminine happiness is at the moment of motherhood. Every bride wants to feel like a mother and bring a little new life into this world. Therefore, the man who will support her in this will be wonderful.
  • Business Success – The modern woman has long ceased to see her main purpose in the care of home and business. Today, many members of the weak gender have shown their not-so-weak character and have successfully mastered many business areas. Thus, women are looking for a man who is also able to earn and maintain a family.
  • Responsible man – All women value men who are firmly on their feet. Although most women work, they feel safer when a man takes responsibility for the maintenance of the family. The husband creates a climate of safety when he cares for his wife and dreams. An upscale husband finds the strength and inspiration to show his wife more signs of love and concern than at the beginning of a dating or marriage.

Beauty, caring, training, ability to cope with difficulties for the sake of loved ones – these qualities make Russian wives nice companions of life.

Such women, possessing the property of bestowal by nature, are independent, capable of standing up for themselves and helping others. If you decide to find such a wife you will not regret it, because you will have a lovely companion, a good mom, a good housewife, and a beloved woman. A woman combines a set of all qualities. The standard of beauty of a woman is not only in a beautiful face and body; it is in the moral and personal qualities of Russian brides.

Pros and Cons Dating Russian Woman

Many men dream of waking up in the embrace of a Russian beauty but only a few know about the real benefits and drawbacks of dating these ladies.


  • Beauty. Any man would be proud to have a Russian beauty as his girlfriend or spouse. These women always look perfect. They give much attention to their appearance. Daily makeup and a hairdo are a must-have for any woman from Russia. Dressing up for a walk or doing shopping is a routine thing for these ladies.
  • Family values. Creating a family is the goal of any Russian girl. They give themselves all to their husbands and children. Taking care of the family fire is the thing that makes these ladies happy. Carrier is rarely a priority for a Russian woman, so if you want to feel the family warmth and all around care, they can give it to you.
  • Devotion. Russian women are very devoted to their husbands. These ladies prefer to give all the power to men. In the family relations, they are docile, respectful, and caring. The well-being of the man they love is very important to any Russian mail-order bride.
  • Good friends. Russian women are ready to become not only your girlfriend and lover but also your friend. They are very understanding and can share all your good and bad things without judging you. They are ready to listen to you and give advice or help if you need it.
  • Excellent housewives. This benefit again comes from the way these girls are raised. In Russia, even small girls help their moms about the house. Growing older, they already know how to do all the housework and keep their home neat and clean.
  • They know how to make a man happy. Intimate life is an important part of any relations. Russian women know how to make their husbands satisfied. These ladies are excellent lovers, which cannot but help the quality of the relations with them.


  • Dating a Russian woman is expensive. Paying for all the beauty procedures and clothes these women love and frequently buy is not cheap. Dating a western man they expect to get everything they want in the financial aspect so be ready to spend huge sums of money on your Russian beauty.
  • High expectations. The image of an American boyfriend is often associated with a luxurious life, expensive presents, and all the other benefits of reach life. However, this picture usually exists only in the mind of a Russian bride. In case you fail to meet her expectations, you risk losing her love and affection.
  • Big family. When you start dating a Russian woman, be ready to become a part of her huge family. The culture of the country they come from presupposes close ties between all the generations of one big family. Sometimes, it can be annoying but there’s nothing you can do with it.
  • Language barrier. Despite a rather high level of education in Russia, in some distant areas of the country, the level of knowledge of English leaves much to be desired. For this reason, you may have tough times communicating with your Russian girlfriend. Fortunately, these women learn fast, so you just need time and patience to go through this period.