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Updated May, 2021
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In this review, we are going to talk about one of the largest internet bride websites from the Philippines – Filipino Cupid. It is more than 19 years old, and has already connected thousands of men from around the world who were looking for a companion. Find out here the pros and cons of this resource.

Overall, the website leaves a very pleasant impression from its sleek interface design and easy-to-use features. The registration process literally takes 20 seconds, and all of the female profiles are available right away. This cozy website offers a comfortable experience of a social network, with advanced filters for browsing profiles and a possibility to chat live in a private atmosphere.  

Most of the site’s features are for free, even though some of the most needed functions like unlimited communications and better profile ratings come at a cost. However, it is available for only 11.67 dollars per month!

What to Expect on Filipino Cupid site

To start with, one of the best features of the website is its ease of registration. You do not need to confirm your password or provide any personal data in order to start meeting people. All you will need to do is indicate your age and who you are looking for, and not even an email registration required. And as if that was not enough, the registration is completely free. All in all, we gave the registration process a definite 5 out of 5.

PhilipinoCupid - How to Register

As you continue navigating the website, you will be guided through the process with comprehensible pop-up windows about the key features. Here are some of its key characteristics to take into account:


The interface of Filipino Cupid is very simple and intuitive, you will never get lost navigating this dating site. All the buttons are clearly labeled, and the explanations are offered as pop-up. No matter how good you are with technology, this website is really well done and creates no confusion.

You will always see ads at the top right of the screen unless you have a paid membership, and this is the only minus. The profiles offer maximum information about the girls and are available right upon registration. The pop up windows will guide you through the process of filling out your profile, which is very recommended before you contact anyone!


There is a possibility to use the site’s services for free, but also purchase Gold or Platinum Membership. The memberships will allow you to message people unlimitedly, view all profile pictures of the most beautiful women in the Philippines, and have higher positions and ratings in the search results of women that look for future husbands. A paid membership will definitely increase your chances, although it is not a necessary condition to use this service.

Search Options of PhilipinoCupid

The best thing we found about this service is the extended filters and comprehensive profile info. You will always be able to search by location, age and preferences, and you will always know from her profile what chances you have, since there are many questionnaire options about her preferences. This way, you don’t have to chat anybody up in vain!  

3 reasons why you should try Filipino Cupid

This website is unique in a sense that it does not include any intermediaries in your communication with your future wife. Your chats are always private and can go on for hours within the system. The profiles are real, it is easy to see this from the profile pictures of the girls and the way profiles are made. The website follows rigorous anti scam policies and safe dating procedures and is willing to stand by the quality of service it provides.

As if this was not enough, here are some additional reasons why we would recommend Filipino Cupid as the largest brides provider in the Philippines:

Reason 1. Large International Following

On the website, you will be able to browse profiles of girls from all over the world. Most of the registered female users are Philippino women, but they don’t necessarily live in the Philippines – they can be living right next door, in your state or county. There are also women represented who are of other nationalities – so you are never restricted in your choice. You can even filter by your country or location so that you can meet women who are closer first and save up on the travel expenses and translator services. The variety of profiles and their number is definitely a plus for this website.

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Reason 2. Easy Navigation

Having reviews many matching websites, we can definitely say that Filipino Cupid has one of the easiest navigations. Even a person who does not use internet often can find it easy to work with. A separate feature that needs to be mentioned here is the possibility to manage profiles of women in your account. You can save the ones your interested in, mark them as favorite, block or report profiles. You will understand how the system works right from the start. The upgrade is also made in very easy steps which will not get you confused, and the support is always there to help.

Reason 3. Comprehensive Security Policy

The website’s creator’s have put much effort into your online data security. The website is powered by McAfee software that protects from malware and hacker attacks to make sure your information stays safe. It also pays a lot of attention to safe dating, and has strict community guidelines that the users are required to follow. All of these make the experience more pleasurable, as you don’t need to worry about your personal safety or your credit card data being stolen. The website is also helping women avoid domestic abuse and other issues related to immigrant brides, so both sides are safe.


To sum up, Filipino Cupid is a solid option if you have always wanted to get a wife or a girlfriend from the Philippines and do not know where to start. The service could not be easier to use and offers all of the necessary features and security measures. It functions as a social network where your communication is private and unlimited.

You do have to buy a membership to start talking to women, but the experience is worth it because the membership offers everything you need for your successful dating. You can decide it is worth it after checking out all of the prettiest profiles out there.